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Champion's Path Pull Rate Data 2020

In the hunt of VMax & Shiny Charizards, we're here to get an estimate of pack pull rates. Compiling data from YouTube pack openings and aggregating with our own, results are below.
This was determined from exactly 1457 individual packs.
Holo Rare
Ultra Rare
Full Art Ultra Rare 4.21%
Rainbow Rare 1.65%
Golden Rare 0.916%
Shiny Charizard 0.366%
Rainbow Rare VMax Charizard


NOTE: The Rainbow Charizard is ALSO INCLUDED in the Rainbow Rare Percentage. We just made a separate row to track the VMax separately too.
NOTE 2: Thanks @Anshin for catching a previous typo. Rainbow Rare was previously mistyped at 1.165%. It has been updated to 1.65%
Reverse Rares
Reverse Common  38.83%
Reverse Uncommon 34.62%
Reverse Holo 17.03%
Reverse Energy 9.52%
As a bonus, we wanted to see if packs had any correlation between weight and rarity. Our methodology was measuring each pack 3x, to get an average weight. We recorded the type of rare cards pulled from each pack. The packs ranged from 22.45g - 22.75g. Below is the weight distribution of 532 packs.
Running our tests, we split up the Rares & Ultra Rares, compared them by weight and then ran it to see if there was any correlation.
Rare, Ultra Rare Weight Correlation
Holo Rare -0.0263
Ultra Rare 0.0686
Pretty safe to say, there's no correlation between pack weight & rare vs ultra-rare.
OF NOTE. All the Rainbow Rare Charizards (3) we did pull in the 532 weighed sample were below 22.53g. Most likely a fluke, but would need more data to determine! 
P.S. Please note these are just our stats. After we ran the experiment, there was a dubwool box which had arrived the day following our experiment. We opened it up just for fun. There were two shiny charizards in that dubwool box, one in the first pack & one in the last. 
Thanks for reading! If there's anything we should add for next time, let us know! No matter the time intensity, we're probably dedicated enough to try it for the sake of data & our own curiosity.  
tldr; Shiny Charizard 1/273 & VMax Charizard 1/182. We believe that packs can't be weighed to determine rarity.

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