Chilling Reign Rate Data Happening Now


  • Chilling Reign Pull Rate Data 2021

      Pulled from 5000 packs from wave 1, with tabulated results below!     Chilling Reign Pull Rate Data Rarity Count Percentage Holo Rare 660 13...
  • Battle Styles Pull Rate Data

    We're excited to bring out the latest findings of Battle Styles Pull Rate data. We're learning that the alternate arts are rather hard to find. Res...
  • Pokemon 25th Anniversary McDonalds Pull Rate Data

    McDonalds Pull Rate Data for the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon. This data was obtained from 3 sealed cases.   McDonalds Pull Rate -  Holo Aggregated ...
  • Shining Fates Pull Rate Data 2021

    Pull Rate Data for Shining Fates 2021 out of 1087 Packs. More data to come soon!  We're going to take this data size up to 3500 minimum packs an...
  • Shiny Star V Pull Rate Data 2020

      Shiny Star V Pull Rate Data from 1000 packs. These packs came from the booster boxes. Raw data coming soon, but for now, here's the infographic.  
  • Vivid Voltage Pull Rate Data 2020

    Pokemon Vivid Voltage Pull Rate Data for 2020. 2184 packs opened and results tabulated in the post.


  • Hidden Fates Shiny Vault Pull Rate Data

        Opening up the data vault, here's a fun one from our favorite set of 2019... Hidden Fates! 2350 packs were opened to get the data below.   S...
  • XY Evolutions ETB Pull Rates (712 packs)

    Pokemon XY Evolutions ETB Pull Rate data for 712 packs.
  • Champion's Path Pull Rate Data 2020

    Pokemon Champion's Path Elite Trainer Box Pull Rate Data for 2020. 1000 packs opened ourselves, 532 of those 1000 were weighed.